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Crazy Boy Roll SpicySpicy

Hot and spicy and tempura. Deep-fried California roll and yam crunch with...

Crazy Girl Roll

Tempura. Deep-fried Philadelphia roll and yam crunch with sweet sauce on...

Mango Avocado Roll Vegetarian

Vegetarian. Mango topped with avocado and with sweet cheese mayo.

Crazy California Roll

California roll, yam tempura, yam crunchies, and sweet sauce.

Tempura Roll

Tempura. Deep-fried roll with salmon, tuna, tai, and imitation crab me...

Old-Fashion Dynamite Roll

Two prawn tempura, avocado and mayo, imitation crab meat, and tobiko on...

Tropical Roll

Two prawn tempura, imitation crab meat, cucumber, avocado, and ebi on ...

Dragon Roll

Barbeque eel, avocado, and tobiko, on a California roll.

Hurricane Roll SpicySpicy

Hot and spicy. Spicy tuna roll topped with spicy tempura flakes.

Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll Spicy

Hot and spicy. Deep-fried Korean spicy tuna roll with sweet sauce.

Volcano Roll SpicySpicy

Hot and spicy and tempura. Deep-fried California roll and spicy Korean...
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House Roll

Tempura. Deep-fried California roll, imitation crab meat, crunch, and yam...

Old-Fashion Rainbow Roll

California roll, salmon, tuna, ebi, and avocado on top.

Ebi Sweet Chilli Roll SpicySpicy

Hot and spicy. Two pieces of prawn tempura and cucumbers with Thai sweet...

Popcorn Roll SpicySpicy

Hot and spicy. California roll, two prawn tempura, topped with deep-fried...

Popeye Roll Vegetarian

Vegetarian. Spinach goma ae and avocado.

Alaska Roll

Salmon, onions, lettuce, and mustard sauce, on a California roll.

Kiss of Dragon

Four pieces of seared salmon or tuna nigiri with Japanese mayo.

Fire Roll

Barbeque eel, chop scallop, and tobiko, on California roll.

Crunch Seafood Roll SpicySpicy

Hot and spicy. California roll with ebi, scallop, tako, tobiko, and green...

Shellfish Lover SpicySpicy

Hot and spicy and tempura. Deep-fried whole lobster tail, spider roll,...

Washington Roll

Salmon, tuna, barbeque eel, and masago, on a California roll.
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Caterpillar Roll

Barbeque spring water eel, cucumber, ikura, and avocado on top.

Russian Roll

California roll with wild salmon, topped with black caviar.

White Roll

Vege paper Philadelphia roll, with salmon and tai on top.
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Wild Albacore Roll

Wild Albacore Roll

Deep-fried tuna, lettuce, mustard sauce, and three other kinds of sauce...

Torch Boy Roll

Tuna roll topped with seared tuna and green onions with ponzu sauce.