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Add a side to your already perfect meals.
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Takoyaki (6 pcs)

Egg, flour, small pieces of octopus, and veggies with bonito flakes, seaweed,...

Crazy Veggie Roll

Vegetable tempura (squash, yam, carrot, zucchini) roll, yam crunchies and...
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Sweet and Sour Yam Fries

Taiwanese yam fries with sweet and sour plum powder.
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Stinky and Spicy Luosi Rice Noodles

Rice noodles in peanut, egg, tofu skin, sour bamboo shoots, black fungus,...
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Baby Octopus (4 pcs)

Four pieces of deep fried baby octopus with wasabi mayo.
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Toro Aburi Nigiri

Flame seared salmon or tuna belly with sauce on top.
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Sweet and Sour Donburi

Sweet and sour pork on rice, served with miso.