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Gyoza (6 pcs)

Tempura. Six pieces of deep-fried dumplings.
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Edamame Vegetarian

Vegetarian. Freshly boiled Japanese soybean.
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Goma Ae Vegetarian

Vegetarian. Boiled spinach in sesame sauce.


Barbeque skewered stuffed chicken with green onions.
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Agedashi Tofu Vegetarian

Vegetarian and tempura. Deep-fried tofu with tempura sauce.

Kani (6 pcs)

Six perfectly cooked crab sticks.
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Chicken Karaage

Tempura. Deep-fried chicken nuggets with spicy mayo sauce.
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Sushi Rice

Sushi rice with tobiko on top.
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Add rice to your meal.
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Seaweed Salad Vegetarian

Vegetarian. Healthy Japanese salad prepared with wakame seaweeds.
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Crazy Jalapeno (4 pcs) SpicySpicy

Hot and spicy. Fresh jalapeno, stuffed with spicy tuna, and deep fried....


Two prawn and scallop skewers with sesame seeds.

Bacon Scallop Skewer

A succulent skewer of bacon and scallops.
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Perfectly pickled cabbage.
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Kanisake (4 pcs)

Four delicious kasinake with sweet sauce.